What Clients Say

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Below is a selection of what previous clients have said about my services and assistance:



Thanks for every time you give me an advice, you make me feel I’m in safe hand and with the right person. 

I actually enjoy reading your emails – I think I have learnt more about real estate loans in the last two emails than my whole life.  [R Alokaley]


Hey Marianne,

Thanks for your emails!! I can’t believe that I made such a good choice going with you.  You’ve been incredible!  I wish my solicitor was half as competent!  i called him yesterday to see how everything was going…..he hadn’t even read the strata reports……very disappointing!  but I’m glad u know your job:)  we’ll definitely touch base soon. 

Take care

Cheers   [P Singh]


Marianne – I believe you and believe in you – so I know we will get the house – so I am comfortable (ish) in going ahead with this! thanks again for all the effort – I know this has not been easy because of our timing.  so believe me when I say Paul & I do appreciate the effort.  [B Turner]


We had no idea previous to meeting you. I can’t imagine going through this process without your knowledge & assistance. [H Kirchner]